We’ve all seen standard photo booths, you know the type – the box that you stand in to have some average pictures taken with you wearning a silly wig! Bit boring now eh?

Welcome to world’s coolest photo booth, The Scorpion.

Photojax Scorpion Photo Booth White
Photojax Scorpion Photo Booth Rainbow
Photojax Scorpion Photo Booth Logo

At Photojax we offer a new perspective and a fresh idea for your event.

  • Spectacular photo’s taken from above.
  • Unique photo booth design adding extra style to your event.
  • Instant share to a Facebook gallery of your choice
  • Studio quality photography.
  • Our booth can capture a couple of people or a room full.
  • Wait for the lights to reach the top and smile.
  • Adjustable height for different venue’s.
  • One click activation.

Whatever your event our unique photo booths will deliver fun and intrigue. The unusual nature for the photo’s mean that people simply love sharing them on social media. Take advantage of our branding options and see your potential reach amplified. That, together with the impressive scale of our booths, will surely bring a big dose of WOW to your event.

We can brand each photo, the whole booth and floor mat to suit your needs. Does your event have a theme? No problem – we can style the booth to fit.

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