How much space do I need?
The Scorpion is BIG! You’ll need a minimum of 6m x 4m of floor space and 4m of height. But don’t worry the rig is height adjustable to accommodate lower ceilings
Does it need power?
Yes. The Scorpion photo booth requires access to a standard plug or preferably two.
How do I use it?
It couldn’t be simpler. Just tread on the launchpad and the Scorpion does the rest. There will be someone from the Photojax Team on hand to show you how to get the best pictures.
Does there need to be wifi access?
Yes. If you want to take advantage of the social media uploads. However it all still works the same without using uploads, we just store the images.
Can I choose which Facebook gallery for uploads?
Yes. the Scorpion uploads to a FB gallery of your choice – provided you are an admin for the page. (We’ll discuss this in more detail when you book)
Does it print photo's?
Yes. We have a number of options please contact us for details.
Can the photo's be branded?
Yes. A skin is applied to every picture. Stay standard or go custom. Get in touch to find out more.